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How can we help?

We specialize in giving you a high-quality and customized experience for you and your pet. Below are some of our services. Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out to us and we'll see what we can do! Each pet is unique - that's what makes them special, so we'll do whatever it takes to make sure they are the happiest and healthiest they can be!

After Hours
Dog Illustration

Does your dog need some exercise?

We love to exercise! 


We love caring for your feline companions too!

food bowl

Only want a quick feeding or drop-in?  We've got it covered.

Pet Sitting

Need someone to watch your pet while you're away? We're here to put your mind at ease!

dog toys

Let your doggie play away the day while you're at work!

small animal

Need care for your bunny, turtle, or fish? We love caring for little critters!

Medical services

Sub-q + IM injections, bord vax, bandaging, & hospice care.

vet visits

We'll take your pets to the vet or pick them up so you don't have to.


Meet our sitters! Discuss scheduling, home entry instructions, and specifics for your pet's care.

Meet & Greet
Need services before 7 am or 8 pm-12 am? Ask us about our after-hours availability!
We offer after-hour services for an extra fee of $10 per hour. 

Based on availability
mobile grooming
*Please note: Barks N Purrs charges a holiday fee. Holiday rates are $30 on top of the service cost. (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, & New Years Day)
Extra Pet Fee of $5, $10, or $15 will apply, depending on service.
*All prices subject to change!
Please check out our FAQ for more information!






Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

We like to schedule a Meet & Greet before your first service in order to provide the best possible service for your and your pets.  The Meet & Greet offers clients the opportunity to set up a lockbox, and discuss scheduling specifics, entry instructions, tips, and tricks specific to your pet's care. Please note that any home entry information given to us is stored through a highly secure system.  

After creating and activating your account, you can use the client portal or Time to Pet app to schedule your first Meet & Greet at your earliest convenience. 

Lockboxes: We prefer to have a lockbox set in place at your home. A secure lockbox ensures your key will remain safely at your home and not in the hands of your walker, where they could potentially get lost. This will also allow our sitters immediate access to your home in case of an emergency. The lockbox code will be saved in the access instructions on your Time to Pet profile. These instructions stay private and secure between you, your walker, and management.


We can provide a lockbox for you, which you can keep or you may purchase your own. If you are buying your own, please let us know the code and where you will place it.


Meet & Greet: $25

Lockbox: $35

Dog Walking

Dog Walks & Hikes

golden retriever on a hike

Whether your pup is a leisurely walker or a high-energy runner, our services are excellent for all energy levels. We will provide your dog with what they need to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. You can choose from walks, hikes, jogs, and park visits.


We offer private, GPS-tracked dog walks with reports and picture updates after each walk.


When a staff member comes to walk your dog, our software booking system, Time To Pet, GPS tracks the walk. After the service, you’ll be sent a report card, where you can see the exact walking route and whether the walker locked the door or set the alarm on their way out.


30 Minute Walk: $26

45 Minute Walk: $30

1 Hour Walk: $36

1.5 Hour Walk: $45

1.5 Hour Hike: $60

2 Hour Hike: $70

1 Hour Run: $34

2 Hour Walk: $60

1 Hour Dog Park Visit:  $45

1.5 Hour Dog Park Visit: $50

*Extra pet fee of $10-$15 will apply for each additional dog

Cat Care

Cat Care

Instead of boarding your cat or relying on friends or neighbors without cat care experience, let us help! We’ll send an experienced cat sitter to your home, where your cat feels most comfortable and safe. We can provide 30-minute check-ins 1, 2, or 3 times per day, depending on your cat's needs.

What's included in our cat visits

Litter box cleaning


Enriching playtime & snuggles​​

Visit reports with photos updates & GPS verification


Cat Visit


Cat Visit 1x/Day: $30

Cat Visit 2x/day: $30

Cat Visit 3x/Day: $25

1 Hour Cat Visit : $45

Cat Overnight Sitting: $90

*Extra pet fee of $5 will apply per extra cat.

Visits & Feedings

Dog Visits & Feedings

Dog Walking


Whether you’re going on vacation or simply need someone to drop in on your pet during the day, our sitters will give your pet plenty of TLC while you're away from home. It includes individualized care within a chosen time frame, playtime, smuggles, and potty breaks, or whatever your routine calls for. Visits can include feedings for a small fee!


30 Minute Visit: $25

45 Minute Visit: $30

1 Hour Visit: $32

1.5 Hour Visit : $42

2 Hour Visit: $55

Add-on Feeding: $5

*Extra pet fee of $5 will apply per extra pet.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting

Our sitters care for your pet in your home while you are away! We offer an alternative to boarding or kenneling your pet. Feel at ease knowing that your pet is being cared for while you are away and comfortable in their own home.

What's included with our overnight services?

2 walks a day (AM & PM)

Evening arrival between 5-7:30 pm

Feedings based on instructions


Petting, cuddling, hugging, and tummy rubs

Cleaning up any pet messes


GPS tracked check-ins

Photo and message updates

*$25 additional fee for midday 30-45 min walk

*$30 additional fee for midday 1 Hr walk

Dog on bed with pet sitter


Dog Overnight Sitting: $100

Cat Overnight Sitting: $100

*Extra pet fee will apply for additional pets.

Small Critter Care

Small Critter Care

Dog Walking

Bunny in cage

We understand smaller critters need a special kind of care! We offer pet visits for your indoor-only pets & small critters while you are away from home!

What is included with critter care:

Feeding per instructions

Playtime & affection

Cleaning up any pet messes

Cleaning small critter cages or tanks

Cleaning up any pet messes


GPS tracked check-ins

Photo and message updates




30 Minute Visit: $25

45 Minute Visit: $30

1 Hour Visit: $32

1.5 Hour Visit : $42

2 Hour Visit: $55

*Extra pet fee may apply for extra pets.


Daycare (Space is very limited!)

Dog Walking

Dog playing with ball

From full-day to half-day doggy daycare, your pup will have an exciting day! Before adding any pups to the pack, we require an initial consultation and temperament test. 

Open Monday-Friday: 8AM - 6PM

Owner drop off & pick up is in between those hours

Pick up and Drop off may be available at an extra $8 a day

Half-Day: 3 hours or less of daycare time

What is included with daycare:

Plenty of playtime in a safe and enclosed 3k square feet yard

2 walks during the day

Treat time! (With owner permission!)

Real-time Instagram story updates

Required Vaccinations:

Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies, Leptospirosis.

Proof of vaccinations must be shown at the temperament test!

LA doggie daycare


Full Day of Daycare: $50

Half Day: $35

Pick up/drop off: $8

Interested in our daycare? Fill out our daycare form HERE.
Additional Sevics $ Add On's

Additional Services & Add On's

Service Add On's

Add on Feeding: $5

Add on Medication Administration: $5

Dog in car

Trip to Vet: $60

Medical Services: $40

Errand for Pet: $25

Grooming & Bathing: Click Here

Key Pick Up/Drop off: $20

Plant Watering: Included with any service upon request

After Hours Services (8pm-12am): $10 Extra/Per Hour

Pet sitter administering medication to dog
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