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Why We Aren’t Your Average Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Located in Los Angeles, California, we understand the hectic schedules, the private livelihoods, and the necessity of exceptional and professional pet care. Our team provides high-level animal care for a living, and we believe in giving you and your pets the best and most exclusive experience possible.

Pet owners are relying on us more often because it gives them a peace of mind. There are plenty of benefits to your pets, including:

  • Less feelings of stress or anxiety

  • More exercise and mental stimulation

  • Less likelihood of illness and diseases

Not to mention (and just as important), the endless benefits for the pet owners, including:

  • Reassurance that your pets are in good hands

  • Less stress knowing that we’re responsive to all needs, not just pet sitting

  • Relief that we can match all privacy and professional concerns that might arise

Reasons Why We Aren't Your Average Los Angeles Pet Sitter or Dog Walker | Barks N Purrs Pet Care

We’ve spent a lot of time prioritizing not just our pets, but also our pet owners. We’ve become an exclusive, boutique pet care service because we know living in Los Angeles is a busy whirlwind. And we hope to ease some of that strain and overwhelm.

We wanted to share with you just a few reasons why we aren’t just your average professional dog walker or pet sitter:

1 | We don't just LOVE your pets.

Let’s be honest, loving your pets is the easy part. Most every dog walker or pet sitter around will tell you they are the best because they love your pet. But, there’s way more to it than that. What makes us different is that we know animal behavior, we do training to better care for your pets, we are constantly changing and improving, and we ensure the happiness of both the pets AND the pet owners. Because you’re important too.

2 | Your privacy is a top priority for us.

Discretion is extremely important, and we treat it with careful management. We do this because we want you to feel comfortable leaving your pets in our care. Plus, trustworthiness and reliability are part of our core values.

There are several ways that we make sure that your information will be kept private. Some of these ways include...

- Non-Disclosures:

If requested, our staff members can sign nondisclosure agreements to ensure your you and your family’s privacy and safety.

- GPS Trackers:

When a staff member comes to walk your dog, our software booking system, Time To Pet, GPS tracks the walk. After the service, you’ll be sent a report card, where you can see the exact walking route and whether the walker locked the door on his or her way out.

GPS tracked dog walks in Los Angeles for your pet | Barks N Purrs Pet Care

3 | Your pets’ well-being matters to us.

We want you to feel reassured that your pet and your home are in good hands. We’re very observant and aware of signs and symptoms of various illnesses and ailments. We have staff trainings, like pictured below, to stay up-to-date on animal health and behavior.

4 | We are your dog’s “personal assistant.”

We don’t JUST do walks and pet sits. We can also take your dog to the groomer for you as well as to routine vet appointments.

We also try to provide a variety of physical exercises and mental stimulation activities, such as to the park or on local hiking trails. And if a service you need is not listed on our website, get in touch and we’ll see if we can meet those extra needs!

5 | We’re responsive and flexible!

Flexibility is another one of our core values. Thanks to Time to Pet, you can request, change, or cancel services with us 24/7. When you’re busy or things change in your schedule, we always do our best to adapt and meet your needs. We know you have a tight schedule, so making sure your pet’s care is a simple process for you is a priority for us.

6 | We go the extra mile when it comes to care, safety, and comfort.

We provide report cards after each and every service, so you know everything that is going on with your pet, including the walking path. They also ensure that we follow protocols, such as locking doors, setting alarms, filling up the water bowl on our way out, etc.

7 | We can also come to you!

Our professional pet sitting business serves several neighborhoods in Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Playa Del Rey, West Los Angeles, Culver City, Century City, West Hollywood, and more!

Most pets prefer the environment of their own home: complete with their own bedding, scents, and feelings of safety and comfort. So, we can also come to you for pet sitting services. That way, you don’t have to worry about your pets being stressed while you’re away!

8 | We have the testimonials to back up the quality of our work. Visit our Yelp page! A lot of pets that come to us come from word of mouth and referrals, which means a lot to us, knowing that customers enjoy our services enough to pass it along to their colleagues and friends.


If you’re interested in booking with Barks N Purrs Pet Care, the first step is creating a client account using Time to Pet, which you can do via our website or you can go directly to the Time To Pet client portal. From there, you’ll able to request a service.

P.S. If you need some extra help getting set up, we created a quick tutorial on how to use it here!

And as always, feel free to give us a call or message us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!


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