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Is Your Pet Having Accidents or Exhibiting Destructive Behavior? 4 Ways to Help Them

Are you noticing anything off with your pets? Are they misbehaving or having more accidents? There is a good possibility that they are experiencing anxiety or misbehavior. Remember that pets can have emotions too, and that includes anxiousness.

It can happen at any stage of their life as they respond to changing environments, situations, life changes, seasons, holidays, and much more. Pets can be affected by school starting, a simple change of routine, death of a pet or a family member, divorce, moving, new furniture, or adult children moving out permanently. You name it.

As the holidays approach, we thought it was best to discuss these issues, especially as we start to go out holiday shopping, going to fundraisers or holiday parties, or maybe even go out of town for a holiday trip.

These simple events can change your the attitude of your pets, which can cause them to become restless and worried. Those feelings can lead to misbehavior!

So, how can we avoid this?

1. Mental Stimulation

A lack of mental stimulation can be why your pet is having accidents, misbehaving, etc. Pets will show signs of stress in ways you might think are spiteful, but they do not have the capacity to show spite.

So, by introducing more mentally stimulating activities into your dog’s daily life, you can avoid so many issues, like accidents, destruction, or barking. These activities can be daily walks, trips to the dog park, hikes, or even simple interaction and training sessions. Take 5 minutes out of your day to work on some new tricks - it can make a world of difference in their happiness!

2. Exercise

We love exercise! Especially when we’re hanging out with our favorite animals. We take dogs on walks and hiking adventures because we know it’s a healthy and fun way to keep your pets healthy, happy, and active. Just by walking your dog or going through a dog walker, you are elongated your pets’ lives and avoiding potential misbehavior.

3. Environmental Stress

Staying in their own environment can be more beneficial for your pet. It’s surprising how big of a difference that can make to your pet’s mental health while you’re away. They’ll feel much more comfortable being surrounded with the same smells, the same routine, and the same home. That’s why we make sure to offer pet sitting services in your own home, compared to overnight boarding in another unfamiliar home or boarding facility.  Animals need to feel secure in their surroundings and that’s more likely to happen when they stick to what’s familiar to them.

Life changes can have an effect on your pets as well. We encourage regular dog walks or even regular pet visits with our staff to help your pets experience relief and stay mentally and physically active.

4. Encourage the Snuggles!

Pets desire touch too, especially when it’s from a loved one. Offer up some snuggles with your pet as often as you can! When you’re unavailable to do so, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure your pets are well cared for and loved when they spend time with us.

Love is what we do. But, it’s also more than that. What some other pet care companies don’t touch on is the mental aspects of animal behavior and how we as professional pet care providers can help keep your pets active, happy, and healthy.

As you make your holiday plans, consider the needs of your pet.

Should they stay in their own home?

Do they need more walks since you’ll be out and about more often?

Let us know how we can help your holiday season go as smoothly as possible by contacting us here.

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