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5 Quick and Creative Ideas to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

If you’re like most pet owners, one of the reasons why you wanted an animal was to be able to spend time with them outdoors! What better time to do that than in the summer months? Dogs love it, too!

Before you head outside, keep in mind that you need to pay special attention to your pets’ needs. They can’t easily cool off like us humans can. Did you know that dogs only have sweat glands on their paws and nose? You’ll see lots of dogs start to pant when they’re out in the heat because it’s the only way they cool off on their own!

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We at Barks N Purrs Pet Care, of course, take all necessary precautions to keep your pet safe during the summer. This includes walking them earlier in the day, providing shade and water, and giving breaks.

But, with a little help from us and some of these ideas listed below, let’s get a little creative and help our fur children stay cool in fun and innovative ways. (Hey, we assume you like to think outside of the box like we do! Let’s go beyond early morning walks and water breaks here).

Make your pet an ice cold treat!

Does anyone else have a dog who loves to chew on ice cubes? Who can blame them, especially when it’s so hot! If you like DIY activities and want to make an easy dog treat, here’s a whole list of treats and desserts listed here. We have a feeling most dogs will enjoy the Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Pops! Added bonus: you’re giving your doggie some extra problem-solving skills and mental stimulation. By exercising his brain and keeping him busy, he’s staying healthy without going on that long run or hike in the sun.

Give your dog a kiddie pool!

Got a pet who loves the water and enjoys swimming? A lot of dogs really enjoy even one of those kids’ swimming pool! You can get them anywhere. They’re light-weight and come in different sizes - you’ll be sure to find one just for your dog! Fill it up with water and a few ice cubes. Then it’s time to start the pool party!

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Visit your local ice cream shop!

You’d be surprised at how ice cream shops in Los Angeles have a dog-friendly menu! We’ve seen vanilla ice cream scoops served with dog biscuits. Your dog will scarf it down within seconds, we’re sure! Here are a few of them in Los Angeles area.

You can give your dog a cooling collar.

We found this collar on Amazon. What a great idea! You can apply cold water to the collar before putting it on. This can be a very quick and easy solution when you’re ready to head out to the dog park!

Add shade to your deck, patio, or backyard.

You can purchase canopies online, at the store, or create one of your own! We know you like to think creativity and have an awesome space, so we thought we’d share with you some unique ways to increase the shade in your outdoor space. Think vertical gardens, outdoor curtains, beautiful pergolas...It’s a huge plus to be able to keep your pets out of the sun too! Check out some of these beautiful DIY ideas.

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We hope you’ve found some inspiration. We’ll let your imagination take over from here, but we’d love to hear if you have any other ideas!

Like us on Facebook and post your favorite “pet-cooling” methods you’ve used or will use for your pets! We want to know about it!


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