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How to Keep Your Pets Mentally Stimulated

Another year, another summer that’s already wrapping up. Whether you have kids or not, back to school is its own season of new schedules, reading books, participating in your favorite hobbies, and learning new things.

mental stimulation for dogs

We find that many of our customers get overwhelmed this time of year, and rightfully so! We know that many of you have all sorts of activities going on [like preparing for the holidays, travel plans, back to school craziness,, etc.] But, sometimes when we get extra busy, our pets actually end up getting bored and aren’t really using their brain or staying mentally stimulated.

Who said that learning was only worthwhile for children? So, since back to school season is officially here, let’s talk about your pets and how we can exercise their minds too! Mental stimulation is SO vital to the well-being of your pets - it’s JUST as important to exercise their brain as it is to give them physical exercise. Plus, it can make them JUST as tired!

back to school season for dogs

And hey, thinking from your own perspective, if your dog gets bored (physically or mentally), it leads to them finding alternative ways to entertain themselves - like getting into mischief!

If you want to avoid chewed up furniture, scratches on your doors and windows, and constant barking, keep reading because we have some solutions for you.

Here are our top tips for keeping your pets mentally stimulated:

Teach your dog some tricks!

Does your dog know how to stay, lay down, roll over, or even shake? It’s actually enjoyable teaching pets these tricks, and it’s good for them to learn something new! It’ll make your life more comfortable as a pet owner because the more tricks your dog knows, the more well-mannered they will be.

Shake up your routes when you walk your dog.

Dogs love those daily walks! It’s good for their health and keeps their weight down. Keep your schedule consistent whether you decide to go on a dog walk in the morning, around lunchtime, or in the evenings. But, you can and should change your routes. Dogs will begin to recognize the neighborhood or local park if you take them on the same route every day. Your pet will appreciate the new sounds and smells, which will stimulate their senses.

dog walker in Culver City

Play music or calming sounds while you’re out of the house.

Pets that are used to constant sounds may be alarmed when the house suddenly goes quiet. You can relieve their anxiety by providing some type of familiar sounds. You can download playlists on Spotify or search for music on YouTube. There are plenty of songs out there that offer natural sounds and soothing melodies!

Rotate the pet toys or provide new ones every few weeks.

Dogs and cats are a lot like kids… they get bored playing with the same toys! When their current toys no longer amuse them, they’ll find other ways to play, which can include destructive behavior. Provide them with a variety of toys so they won’t know what to expect. Let them play with frisbees, squeaky toys, chew toys, and toys that can dispense food.

Put your pets in the care of a trustworthy caretaker.

This is where we come in. Barks N Purrs Pet Care loves to help out with mental stimulation for your pet. Walks aren’t JUST for the exercise. We ensure that your pets get to explore new smells, experiences, adventures, and more. Did you know we can also take your dog on a hike or to the beach? Keep in mind that even if you are home all day with your pet, they can still get bored. It’s important to keep your pets busy with stimulating activity that keeps them physically active as well as mentally aware of their surroundings!

dog walker in Century City

If you need any more ideas to keep your pet’s brain active and healthy, let us know, and we can find something that will work specifically for situation and pet! In the meantime, go ahead and book that extra walk - it will help more than you know.

After all, we believe in keeping your animals happy and healthy by providing top-notch dog walker services in the Culver City and Los Angeles area!


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